Look Left

Look left, look right, look left again.
A simple safety phrase embedded in our minds from well before ten

a way to keep safe on our dangerous roads,
a way to make sure you don’t get hit by one of those bloody clueless taximen.

Told by Ronald to ‘make it click’
just a company trying to have some ethic,
it’s simple logic –
keep our children away from harm.

But let me tell you this,
to look left, look right, look left again is not going to save our children from their biggest danger,

We have an epidemic on our hands and it’s being treated like the plague;
stay away, be vague
afraid of something out of my hands,
but I’m not the only one.

Our own government is too scared to touch the ferrel topic that is mental health
they go about it with stealth.
The S word is to vile for schools,
knelt on a pedestal of insecurity and fear
that educating the youth on what being mentally ill means
will trigger a tsunami of teens
taking their lives from just the mention of it.

How ironic though,
this tsunami has already come and is still pushing through our nation,
we know too call *555 when we see a dangerous driver
but 99 percent of us are none the wiser on what the suicide crisis hotline is.

0800 543 354.

But what’s more,
is that Mike King came to see us and talk about mental health out of his own pocket
but the government said for god’s sake Mike stop it,
we have our own way to deal with teen suicide,

That’s right,
the government has even constructed a script
for teachers to yip
for when a student takes their own life
so they don’t trip on words that may contain actual emotion.

This script is designed
to lessen our understanding and grip
on why suicide occurs,
therefore we cannot succour or transfer help and ways to cope
when someone is losing hope.
The mighty Waikato had the second highest suicide rates in New Zealand after Canterbury,
and it’s not just silly girls taking petty dramas to the nth degree.

It’s young men that feel they have no future but are scared to plee
because emotion is treated like an obscenity;
the mental scars and debris
that stand from an upbringing that leans on the phrase
boys don’t cry.

But why?

Why do we force boys into box
of loneliness and solitude.
We all know they fear
of being accused of homoxexulity
or being branded a ‘pussy’ by their own peers
and we blame this attitude on boys will be boys but,
we have as a society conditioned boys to shy away from sentiment
be afraid of feeling therefore grow resentment
for those that can express a full range of emotions, not just testosterone fuelled anger or lust.
This brazen attitude has branded New Zealand as the country
with the highest teen suicide rates in the developed world.

Health.govt.nz states
“The rate of suicide has remained relatively stable in the ten year period to 2014”
How can a government website be so shameless they demean the defining word?

I guess the higher ups have never understood mental health issues.
that’s why my great grandad who had a string of disorders
was made to undergo ‘electroshock therapy’
that did nothing but lead him off the roof of the hospital.
As he hit the ground his shockwaves made tidal waves that may only be lapping over my feet now,
but everyday people are making new tidal waves and nobody’s doing anything to help.

We brand those that take their own lives as selfish,
But those who run across a road to meet a car tragic,

What’s the difference?

We are uneducated on suicide
but have always been taught to look left, look right, look left again.

We are leaving those stuck in the headwaters of a toxic mind space behind.
The mental health system is failing us.

Us students have to grind through five years of high school,
all 1,200 of us all relying on two councillors for comfort,
this place is undeniably a cesspool
of detrimental attitudes,
not enough space in a year to see to all of us
never mind a week.

I am disgusted to say we live in a society where people only listen when you’re screaming
and even when they are we don’t have the time to care,
stop being so goddamn attention seeking!

We’ve stripped our dignity as a nation bare,
our future leaders’ faces blue from the lack of air
in their lungs, they fill with thick smoke of a nation plagued with an addiction to drugs,
an ignorance to the toll of depression,
and a dislike to freedom of unhappy expression
and then you wonder why teens are reaching the end of their ropes.
Is it wrong to begin to lose hope?

Because looking left, right, and left again isn’t going to protect us from
the teens falling from the sky,
those that fall off chairs and don’t hit the ground,
those that would rather just not be around.

We, a selfish nation need to change this,
because no, ignorance isn’t bliss
don’t dismiss this crisis.
Remember the number that should have
been etched into our brains from well before this.
0800 543 354

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