My Perfect Sleep Pamper Routine.

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to keeping a clear head and having a productive day. To get a restful night’s’ sleep isn’t actually as easy as it sounds. This is why I have this pamper routine that I love to use when I need to wind down and have a good rest. The products mentions are just my personal favourites and may not work as well for you, feel free to swap any of these out to suit your preferences.  

Firstly like any other teenage girl I like to run a hot bath, I love to crumble some of Lushes Comforter bubble bar under running water to make lovely big bubbles (usually you’ll only need half.) 30716630_1763142573782610_7471579070090706944_n

 Then if I’m feeling extra fancy I’ll also add some epsom salts to help relax my muscles. While the bath is filling I’ll ether make a nice hot cup of herbal tea (Healtheries superfruits is my current favourite) and grab a big bottle of cold water. If I’m planning on spending a fair amount of time in the bath I’ll cut up some fruit and grab a little bowl of trail mix to have as a snack. 

Before hopping in to the bath it is essential that  tie my hair up and slather on a face mask, I am currently loving the Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Mask. It’s cleansing ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, drawing out oils and detoxifying – leaving my face feeling fresh smooth and balanced.  I’ll let this thick mask soak into my skin while in the bath, washing it off in the sink when I hop out.


Bath time is an awesome opportunity to fit in some reading time. Not only will reading help relax your mind but it also takes you away from the constant pressure of social media. I find taking some time to absorb yourself into a  good book is always so therapeutic, setting me up for a lovely sleep. My all time favourites are,

The Help – Kathryn Stockett

The Dry – Jane Harper

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Scar Tissue – Anthony Kedis

The Dressmaker – Rosalie Ham

After a few chapters and a fair time soaking in the tub I’ll begin to shave my legs and exfoliate. I am currently using the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor but am not a massive fan as I can’t quite get a super close shave. After shaving my legs I’ll bust out an all time favourite – the Little Olive Tree body scrub in sweet orange & coffee, this pouch of scrubby goodness packs in many nourishing oils, such as, Almond Oil and Avocado Oil to make this product perfectly exfoliating but also intensely hydrating. I use this gem all over my body, including my feet and chest, I scrub it in and then let it sit for a few minutes so that the oils can seep into my skin. The scent is delicious and uplifting and I am so keen to try the two other scents – Coffee and Vanilla Latte.

After rinsing the scrub off I’ll either soak for a wee bit longer or hop out. When I’ve dried off I’ll wash off my mask and moisturise with the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Cream – a soothing and oil controlling facial moisturiser packed with restorative ingredients. Following that I love to  slather on body moisturiser, I’m currently loving the Bon Bon Factories Peaches and Cream body butter for intense hydration all over. This lovely product includes richly moisturising shea butter and jojoba oil, not to mention the scent is absolutely gorgeous.

Once the moisturiser is fully absorbed I like to take a dollop of Lushes cult favourite, Sleepy. I fell in love with this lavender dream cream last year when my mum brought me some back from Australia. I can’t rave enough about Sleepy, it totally blankets you in a lavender and tonka scented paradise. It is light enough to slather all over just before bed time without leaving you feeling sticky – a game changer in my opinion.


Finally I’ll turn the lights down – leaving only my salt lamp on and pop a few Sleep Drops under my tongue for an extra sleepy kick and then off to bed. After tuning my lamp off I’ll always make sure my phone is on silent so it doesn’t wake me up during the night. 

Thats all, my perfect sleep night routine – obviously not an every night thing but it is perfect for before a big day to calm the mind and get your body into sleep mode. I hope you enjoyed. 

Immy Daisy xox 



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